Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Is There A Doctor In The House?

In the mood for something mellow from my Mraz:

Hey J,

When are you coming back to Malaysia?


A x

As you can see, I am suffering from a severe case of Mraziositis. Symptoms include, but are not limited to, tendency to break into Mraz songs, a compulsive need to watch Mraz on Youtube, singing along to Mraz songs, smiling to oneself when listening to his At Last cover, and saying 'something like that' at the end of sentences.

One may also develop a sudden liking to wear a straw fedora, and a taste for blended avocados.

The good thing is, it's not highly contagious. Not at all.

It's only for special people; those who geddit ;)

Saturday, July 25, 2009

And Now Your Altitude and Memory's A Shame..

As usual, Jason's post is awesomely thought-provoking.

Soulmates. Which I wrote about recently in my personal journal. This telepathic thing is in place, I am no longer joking about it :)

I have wondered, if, in the Grand Ending of this world (if ever there is one in the Grand Scheme of Things), that all the Gods of all the religions turn out to be the same one, the One Almighty.

All religions start out with good intent, however in this convoluted world, we human beings have made things complicated.

Have you ever wondered how it was like during those cavemen times when the biggest worry was probably whether you're going to be eaten up by a T-Rex? They didn't have to worry about terrorism, crime (in today's sense of the word), global warming and so on. They probably also did not expect that evolution will take place, dinosaurs will be extinct, etc.

These days we worry, and we worry a lot.

We worry about rising temperatures due to global warming. We worry about depletion of natural resources and scramble to find alternative resources to replace them. We worry about warring nations and civil unrests. We worry about rising unemployment, economic downturns, layoffs and so on.

We brought this upon ourselves, yet it just seems too messy a tangle for it to be untangled any time soon.

Anyway, my rambling can go on and on. Jason's makes more sense.

So, share the message : Be Love.

p.s. Reminds me of the song : Love Is The Message in the early 90s. Who sang that?

Thursday, July 23, 2009

I've Got Nothing But Love...

I've been wanting to post this so many times.

So today is the Day.

Have you actually read Jason's dedication and thank-you's in his album WSWDWST?

I did so sometime a little while back in May. It wasn't that easy to read (it's not J's handwriting by the way), so it took me some time to write it out, so I can treasure it for posterity.

Here goes:

"Max Gratitude to Martin Terefe for believing in this project from the start and into the celebration. Thanks for treating me as one of the kings. I wholeheartedly wish to thank Sam Riback for sharing the vision, encouraging the best songs, and holding down the fort while I went swimming. Thank you Bill Silva, Aya Taguchi, Ryan Chisolm, and everyone at BSM for the telescopic view that puts me in the centre of the universe. You always make me feel most awesome. Krazy thanks to Dyre Gormsen, Sacha Skarbek, Mike Dixon, Darling Nici, Kaptain Iain & the Kensaltown Kings; and to everyone likely standing at the K Bar right now. This rekord is yours. All my awe goes to Tony Maserati for the marvellous mix. He lives in outer space and I am jealous. Thanks for introducing me to a new super dynamic! God bless all the musicians and singers. Especially those who didn't get paid for playing all the stuff that doesn't appear on the album. I want to slap palms right now with Andy Karp, Craig Kallman, and everyone at Atlantic for watching my back. I love the love you give. Thank you Lyor Cohen, John Esposito, Julie Greenwald, Dane Venable, Mike Easterlin, Lina Tortella, Cindy Z, Jack Mc Morrow, Adam Abramson, Sheila Bachman, Camille Hackney, Jonathan Feldman, Torsten Luth, Rie Fujiwara, Max Lousada, Gregg Nadd, Kevin Wearer, Danielle Bond, Craig Rosen and Anne De Clemente. David Saslow, Brian Corona, Lany Alessandrini. I owe a great deal of groveling to the dancing feet of David Shrigley for his generous talent, devilish doodles and wise words. I'm happy to have stolen from you. Naked hugs for designer Greg Burke, photographer Bill Zelman, Style Counsel Brandy St John, and freestyler Tawney Bevacqua. Thank you Dan Wilson for being a mentor. Thank you Cat Bramhall for being honest, gracious and gentle. It was my pleasure loving and learning from Abigail Kornstein. Thanks be to Adam Aspelin and KUCD in Honolulu for checking out the Youtube love on 'I'm Yours' and sharing it with our friends in the islands. Mahalo. Also this record would not have been the same without love from David Davidson, Carlos Sosa and the horny horns, Chris Gehringer & Chris Athens at Sterling Sound, the Drunken Penguin - Andy Gerard, the Hot Rosie Scott, Billy Galewood, Noel Rivera, Jarrod Allen, Jennifer Sheridan, James Morrisson, Michael Blue, Colbie Caillat, Tim Fagan, Midwest Jessica Schroeder, Bob Schneider, Brett Dennan, Chris Keup, Roxanne & Mark Bowen, Rita Ora, Dawn Kinnard, Josie Taylor, Eric Hinojosa, Adam King, Ian Sheridan, Tricia Huffman, Jerry Lindahl & Robbie Robinson at Sounden Studios, Kevin Monahan, Mcflow, Raining Jane, Voicez of Prayze, Nick Caston, Tyler Huff & the Sand Diego Crispy Team, Holmes, our 2007 Thanksgiving Dinner guests and my loving family of course. And thanks be to Jonathan Adelman/Paradigm; Emma Banks & Randy Salcedo/CAA London. Nancy Chapman, Patty De Francesco, Teresa Polyak, Seth Lichtenstein, Galinda Braga, Sandy Miller, Jaret Gill, Phil Daniels, Bob Borbonus & Taylor Guitars. Your support gives my music the freedom of flight. And of course I've got nothing but love for the listener. Aloha.


I LOVE the love you give :)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

If It Ain't Dutch, It Ain't Much ...

I love this series of uploads of Jason playing in someone's garden in Ootmarsum, Holland. I remember watching a docu about how this impromptu gig came about during his 'tour' in Europe. You can play in my garden anytime too, J.

Thank you Ottowannabe, wherever you are, for uploading these.

I name it the 'Ootmarsum Garden Party' and am loving that stripey multi-coloured rug that's used as the stage backdrop and on the sides as well.

For those of us who are Youtube-JM fans, you'll be familiar with that rug :) (makes me want one for my wall!) Please enjoy the rest of the Ootmarsum videos as well whenever you need a good dose of MrazGoodness.

And I love Jason in pink :)

And I love the way he writes in his notebook.

Here's two videos of Jason getting audience input - words and phrases- in creating a brand new song on the spot! If I were there I'd throw him this word : plodding. Heh.

Part 1.

Part 2.

Isn't he just simply awesome? Sooooooo talented. Who can top that?

OMG. I just looked at the date of the party and it was filmed on July 15th, 2007. Just a week and 2 years ago. Talk about timing.

Love the ending : "..something like that.."


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

What About Taking This Empty Cup, and Filling It Up with a Little Bit More Of Innocence..?

Well, what can I say?

I feel like highlighting the various sentences and words that Jason wrote in his latest 12 Answers and putting them right in front of me, so I can see it every day. I am inspired - not in a gung-ho, just-do-it kind of way though (some days I do feel that way!) - and it puts me in a reflective mood.

Reading through the comments, I don't know why some people write as if they're dismissing his answers or thoughts. Like saying Jason is not a parent so what would he know about taking responsibility for others other than himself? Then there's one that almost disses him for being so uppity chirpy and reminding him that there's an ugly side to the world as well.

Hmm. Don't you think Jason knows and realises all that? I think you missed the point.

The weather outside is Hogwarts-like, all grey and wet, the sun trying to shine its way through the clouds.

Listening to Jason's World Cafe album; my mood is hooked on this song so it's on repeat now :)

Love For A Child : Video is wobbly, audio is clean though.

Every time he sings this song I wonder if this is drawn from his own family experience.

I swear I can hear the emotions in his voice.

Even cracks right at the end.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Open Up Your Mind and See Like Me a.k.a. My Nose Is Itchy

Loved Jason's post today.

Which fits nicely into my new found mantra : Love Life, Not Stuff.

At the last estimation, I have over 30 pairs of shoes and countless sandals; more than 75% of which I hardly wear. Some are still unworn, brand new. So tell me again why I need to go buy another pair?

Years ago I would've replied with my 'black heels aren't just black heels' speech. I actually had as many as five pairs of black heels under my office desk so I had my options and can change my shoes as I fancy throughout my day. Today, I think I've learnt to appreciate that shoes are shoes, I can buy them as a replacement to an worn-out pair, not as an addition to my collection because it looks pretty.

On receiving, I very much agree that sometimes it is not easy to just 'accept' things; he is right, the generosity of others can be overwhelming, uncomfortable.

I am very conscious when friends or other people pay for my lunch etc. If it's a special occasion, that's a different story. There's always that tiny feeling of uneasiness, the closest that I can describe it is 'guilt' (why guilt? I don't know).

I guess apart from practicing gratitude, I have to learn the practice of receiving as well. Giving is even more noble, and I believe in what is said that 'let your left hand know not what your right hand is doing'. Or something like that :)

"Words and pictures make the best souvenirs for any adventure"

- I cannot agree with you more, Mr Mraz :), and thank you for these language lessons : abre los ojos; besos y abrasos.

*scratching nose*

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Taste These Teeth, Please..

I've always wondered what Plane was all about.

The plane is about to land?(...I cannot wait to call you and tell you I have landed somewhere...)

Or the plane has just taken off? (...I'm leaving your town, again...)

But I'm slowly getting it. As with many of his songs, this is one which has one of the best lyrics.

Isn't it interesting what Jason meant with 'taste these teeth, please...'?

Who would've thought that 'and undress me from the sweaters that I'm wearing' was about the fuzzy texture of unbrushed teeth? *eeeek*

" hell yeah..."

"..damn, you..!"

- I love the way he sings those bits !

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Donde Esta Mi Cerveza?

Tonight, Jason is performing in Barcelona.

Oh that's just too much. My favourite man in one of my favourite cities! (yet to go there though..) I hope he'll post a picture and write something about the city. Would love to know his thoughts.

Another perasan moment coming:

Jason doesn't tweet. Same with me.

He prefers to blog. Same here.

(I'm hopeless with twitter, and can't afford a Joyologist)

For me, the more words, unencumbered numbered words, the better.

My current favourite picture of J. Am reposting this again!

Sun's out, what a lovely evening this is going to be!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Row Row Row Your Boat..

Pic Credit : JT Mraz.


Told ya, Jason and I we are telepathic, I kid you not!

His latest blog post talks about 12 Answers to 12 Tweeter Questions.

And who wrote about Twelve Things in Singapore recently?


Doubt no more, this is for real :)

Great answers from J by the way. I have to think now, what would I like to ask him?

Top of my head, I'd pose these:

Do you dream in colour?

Do you believe in signs?

What's your favourite movie and why?

Do you have any favourite blogs? Which ones are they?

Which place on earth (that you haven't been to) that would you like to visit most? Why?

I'm bad at tweeting, will try nevertheless to tweet this to him.

Love. Besos. Love.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Chuffed. You Done Done Me.

I'd like to share my recent Jason moments before I forget :

(i) Street Busker along Orchard Road singing I'm Yours. I stopped and listened to him (smiling and singing along in my head) until he finished. He fumbled with the lyrics but that's okay :). Give the man a dollar, as Jason said.

(ii) Bella Luna, playing at the Gap store in The Centrepoint as I shopped.

(iii) At the Crumpler shop in Paragon, the guy's name was Jason :)

(iv) Lucky, playing in Guardian just now.

(v) My password for this wifi facility : 5jmrz3xd.

Heh. Chuffed is the Word of the week.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

It's All About An Attitude for Gratitude!

I just love his last two blog posts!

Summer dresses indeed :P so he's a legs man, eh?

And since I can be perasan all I want in here, I am chuffed to bits (as you are too I am sure) that we - that's me and you! - made it to his No. 10! Yeay!

Are we grateful or what?

Am missing updating my own blogs the past week as I have been away and decided not to be online too much except check on my mail and JM's blog :)

I dedicate Friday as my Gratitude Day; inspired by Jason and Cafe Gratitude. It helps a lot, it puts things and people and situations into perspective and makes me more alert and aware. Puts me in place. :) I like!

My Gratitude List is in my personal blog only, if it weren't for Jason I would not have started practising gratitude in the way that I am now.

So, my utter gratefulness to this being Jason Mraz, for sharing such simple yet beautiful practice.

You have all my love.

Friday, July 3, 2009

There's No Need to Hurry When I'm Making Up My Mind..

That's what I'll say to Jason if when I meet him in person.

"I think you are magic"

Amongst other things. Once I calm down.

I can say for sure now that I'll go gaga when I see him up close.

However, there's no telling if I suddenly clam up and become dumbstruck and/or faint!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Mraz for Beginners - Lesson 2

Our lesson on Mraz 101 continues :

(i) In a Gap 'Favorite Jeans' advert he mentioned that his favourite song is One Love by Bob Marley.

(ii) When asked which album he would recommend for a doctor's waiting room, he gives Alan Parson's Project's 'Eye In The Sky'.

(iii) When asked which of his album he would recommend, he answered his 'Live' album (Live at Java Joes) * this was before WSWDWST.

(iv) He would most like to duet with Willie Nelson.

(v) He used to date Tristan Prettyman circa 2004-2006.

(vi) He once wore a tshirt which said TPISMYGF. Go figure :)

(vii) He wears Blend Apparel tshirts most of the time; he's a partner.

(viii) 'Song for A Friend' is apparently about Holmes, his cat.

(ix) In addition to 'restarea' and 'beginner' (refer Lesson 1), he's got a rooster tattoo on his lower back, as well as symbolic male and female figures on his inner right forearm. Also a 'XXIII' on his upper back.

(x) The colour of his eyes vary, from hazel brown to green. Like a mood ring :)

Those eyes ..
and I love the colour of his tee-shirt.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009