Sunday, August 30, 2009

Shower Me With Your (Mraz) Love

Do you know or remember this song by Surface?

I do. Imagine Jason singing that when he was much younger. Look what I found :) isn't he just sooo adorable?

Jason Mraz before he was famous singing at Chickahominy Middle School 1991 in the 8th grade.
Video Credit : busymouthheidi via Youtube.

I agree with one of the commenters, you can hear the now-oh-so-familiar inflections in his voice even then.

Awww. So cute! This can be my lullaby now.

Now, what was I doing way back in 1991?

Friday, August 28, 2009

Sending Out A Ray of Sunshine..

Hankering for new stuff from Jason? I am.

Not that I am bored with the current ones. Far from it.

I am just wondering what kind of songs will be in his next album. Cos his inspirations will be different; being the much adored, world-famous, Grammy-nominated, record-breaker, superawesome, sensitive singer-songwriter (is that too much?) that he is now compared to two years ago.

These are new-ish, or at least not in the albums, I may be wrong. They've been performed in his concerts though. Videos from Blacky785, Yorrii, MRAZorback1 and geekinthepurple respectively - thanks for sharing!

Enjoy the Mraz goodness :)

Try Try Try.

Never Too Late (The Only Life You Can Save).

Ray of Sunshine.

What Would Love Do Now.

Much Love,

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Greetings, Earthlings!

Eeek! Another long break. No excuses.

Here's a recent video of Jason on his Gratitude Cafe tour.

Don't you think he looks a little bit too skinny and .. 'dried up'? Like he needs moisturiser or cream or something. The goatee doesn't help.

He looks tired too. Look at his eyes. I don't see the bright sparkly lights fully switched on.

Poor boy :(

Come let me give you a big hug.

Don't overwork yourself too much okay. Missing your blog posts. Your Ninja antics are hilarious!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Sky is Yours!

*breaking news*


NEW YORK, Aug 20 — The Black Eyed Peas and Jason Mraz will shatter two records for longevity on the Billboard Hot 100 when the singles chart is released today.

With an eighth consecutive week at No. 1 for “I Gotta Feeling,” the Black Eyed Peas will have held the top slot for an unprecedented 20 straight weeks, having previously led the list for the preceding 12 frames with “Boom Boom Pow,” the lead single from its album “The E.N.D.”

Also entering the record books is singer-songwriter Mraz’s “I’m Yours,” which notches an extraordinary 70th week on the Hot 100. The track debuted on the May 3, 2008, chart and peaked at No. 6 nearly a year ago, on September 20, 2008. The song has resided within the top 40 of the list in all but the first 12 weeks of its chart life, dropping six rungs to No. 29 on the latest tally.

The Black Eyed Peas’ 20-week string atop the Hot 100 surpasses Usher’s run of 19 consecutive weeks achieved in 2004 with “Yeah!” and “Burn.”

On establishing the mark for longest successive stay at No. 1 in the Hot 100’s 51-year history, Peas member commented, “With this kind of success your ego wants to take all the credit, but your heart reminds your soul that it was your heart that had you slaving and creating in the studio making the music; breaking through comfort zones and tradition. In the fight between heart and ego, my heart always wins.”

Fellow Pea Fergie added, “It’s an amazing feeling to know that these songs have connected with so many people who have kept them alive for so long.”

For Mraz, his never-say-die single overtakes the weeks-on-the-chart mark held for nearly 11 years by LeAnn Rimes’ signature hit “How Do I Live.” That ubiquitous track spent 69 weeks on the Hot 100, ending with the October 10, 1998, chart.

Multiformat airplay is one of the reasons for the staying power of “I’m Yours.” It’s the only track to reach No. 1 on each of the following four radio-based charts: Mainstream Top 40/Pop Songs, Adult Contemporary, Adult Top 40, and Triple A. It has also appeared on Latin Pop, Smooth Jazz, and debuts this week at Rhythmic.

Concerning the song’s multi-genre appeal and long shelf life, Mraz said, “I think it’s because it borrows from every one of those formats. Or perhaps the song is genre-less. The first two and a half minutes have so little production you could almost classify it as spoken-word. Yet it’s rhythmic and melodic at the same time.”

Aiding its continued presence on the Hot 100 is the fact that “I’m Yours” ranks as the third-best-selling digital song (4.4 million downloads) since Nielsen SoundScan began tracking download sales in 2003.

Only recently did Mraz begin to realize that “I’m Yours” was nearing unprecedented chart territory. “I found out about six weeks ago that the song was on its way to breaking this record. I was moved. ... I’m still blown away — humbled by the success of my happy little hippie song.” — Reuters

I'm Yours will always be special, no matter what, where, how long .... yupp J, it's my happy little hippie song!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Can Anybody Tell Me Where They're Teaching Short Term Memory?

Oh I have been inexcusably distracted that I haven't posted for a week!


Okay, moving on...

Jason came to remind me that he existed as last night while reading online I happened to glance at the TV after hearing a very familiar voice.

It was our man Mraz 'acting' in this show American Dreams (from some years back) where he played Dion, singing Ruby Baby! It was just a snippet but enough to lure me to the box :)

For the life of me I do not know who Dion is nor have I ever watched the show, but I know now I must catch the repeat whenever it is. I thought Jason's hair looked really funny, all poufed up and slicked back. And the costume ... ha ha ha !

And JJ Hitz advised everyone to stay well, have enough vits and to chill out to some Mraz music today. Good advice in view of what's happening around us with the flu and haze and bad politics and toxic stuff like that.

Which I am doing now for the next few days I need a huge dose to make up for the few days that I have been away. His music feels so good. Makes my ears smile and my brain mellow.

By my own volition, it's my oxygen.

And hey, another me and J similarity! We both love Garfield! Wey hey... soul to soul my Mraz! And can someone tell me where I can get the banana carrying case? Can someone get that for me for Christmas please thank you very much.

I leave you now with Jason's loopy Cannabis College:

With THC Ph.Ds
A B.A. in Euphoria
Avoid the military
Minoring in Paranoia
Job offers aplenty with GPAs at 4 point 20
Get the blunted edge
A certificate that says
I made it through college!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

It's Supercool So Keep It Going, Alright?

He just cracks me up with this *LOL* Come on, show some ENTHUSIASM for the day!

His post today reveals he's been not too well lately.

Get well soon from that reflux thing, J. And thank you for sharing your one glass of voice with us through your blog.

Buckets of love.

Friday, August 7, 2009

The Measure of Love Will Never Ever Be Lost...!!

Am currently listening to 'On Love, In Sadness' from JM's Selections For Friends.

I am almost sure this video is for the same session at Villa Montalvo, July 2006, I maybe wrong.

A grainy video where some said he's stoned. Haha. So what.

Brilliant for a sing-along.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

MRAWZ : I'm Lovin' It !

Definition of : Mrawz (mr-aowz)

The raw food diet popularised by Jason Mraz.


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Unencumbered, Numbered Words...

Still suffering from Mraziositis.

A medley of two of my favourite songs, live :

Live At NRJ Lounge (Private Showcase) Paris, France 13th of December 2008 (courtesy : mantise)